Fate Upon Bassanio

What fate has come upon dear Bassanio?  An admirable companion, not a foe and yet not one ducat upon him bestow?  And to fair Portia cannot even grasp, for profits to pursue her, even those he doth lack.  What wilt he do?  What will I do?  Console him?  I possess not one drop of words in the entirety of the world that could assist Signior Bassanio out of this mortifying predicament.  And yet, the words doth flow, but to no avail.  To win and to wed the mistress he doth pursue an impossible task it would appear.  But halt!  There doth lie one Signior Antonio whose ships art out at sea, a wealth of help he just might keep!  A well credited soul, whose name wilt go far in a loan!  Depart we must at once and once for all!  To Signior Antonio’s presence, we now must flee or Bassanio’s dreams might all at once fall!