A Pound of Flesh…

Fie Fie!  What tangled troubles tingle from mine lips!  A pound of flesh?  An unruly agreement!  But ships at sea to pay in time they shalt!  Thence, I recount, the journey of dear Bassanio and Antonio hath led them to that retched Shylock.  A Jewish moneylender!  3000 ducats in 3 months.  3000 ducats in 3 months or a pound of flesh be removed from Antonio’s chest!  Bassanio’s counsel cometh to no avail, Antonio’s pride victor, forever sealed is the bond.  A worrisome deal, Signior Antonio thinketh not.  Ships out at sea in haste due to return such a cost.  Antonio’s credit, Bassanio’s gain, and he soon leaves to win Portia, with wealth he wilt feign!

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