Ships of Sadness

Bitter sadness doth permeate the air of this fateful day.  For bad news cometh from Lorenzo and Jessica of Signior Antonio and his ships.  Bring fourth due payment Antonio’s ships hath not, and now, in mournful grief, Antonio’s flesh ’tis at the hand of Shylock.  Soon to reap revenge Shylock doth possess power and authority, and poor Bassanio lieth in tears; in hot, fateful tears, those of anguish and of rage, for he hath become beside himself with anger, outraged and possessed with mighty pain.  Bewildered and confused,  Bassanio leadeth two lives, and yet they are but one.  Tangled up in trials which cometh from Antonio, yet here prepareth to soon wed a bride.  In all her richness hath Portia offered to pay the sum of Antonios debt, yea even twice the sum, and begs Bassanio marry her at once, then after leave forth to become company unto Antonio, for his trial ’tis soon to come.

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